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 Wolf -

I have this problem donno how to fix it.
My windows is Vista, internet explorer is 7...
My javaScript is enabled, Adobe flash player is updated, yet still I cant watch the movies on Youtube.

It says "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player"

Any clues?

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Its in advanced internet options, there is a javascript box that you have to tick
Thank you

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Breaking News July 22, 2010 - YouTube has updated their website in a way that breaks YouTube Downloader 2.5.6 and older. We are working on version 2.6 which fixes this problem and should have it ready in a few days. We appreciate your patience while we investigate and fix this problem. Please check back in a few days for an updated version.
Thank you Frank this is great news! You guys rock!
Thanks a lot Frank!!!!!!

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Monday January 19, 2009
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April 2, 2009
Then you need a java update, they usually tell you but if you just google JRE 1.6 and download it that should solve your problems
It's work, Thnx
If you have a Linksys router then try the following:
Type to get in to your router settings. You will have to enter your user name and password. Once you are into the settings page click on the Security tab at the top of the page. At the bottom is the Web Filter section. UNCHECK the boxes for Proxy, Java, Active X and Cookies. Save settings and then it should work.

i have problem of HTTP 404 error not found massage on you tube down loader
plz give me the answer

Hi. YouTube have deliberately disabled the YouTube Downloader. Details on my blog:
Basically they want to charge 99 cents for people to download video, so they're not keen on the 3rd party downloaders that most of us use.
The company that wrote the downloader software has updated it, so you can now download a new version that works. There are also a number of alternative downloaders that work. Good luck.
updating the flash player is not a really a solution regarding with your problem. .go to and type Adobe. then results will appear. choose adobe flash player (2.43 mb). after you download,install it. this flash player is a PLUG_IN. maybe what you are using is a ACTIVE_X. thats why youtube vids doesnt play.. it's okay if plug_in and active_x,run at the same time. .hope it helps. .
The answer is updated the Java scripted and flash player that only way to show the problem. Please, male sure the plugin is up to date.
Just updated the Java script and flash player and make sure plugin is up to dated. I just solve my today.
The Java Box in the internet options/advanced is already ticked, but it reads:
Use JRE 1.6 for <applet> (Requires Restart)

no matter how many times i restart the internet explorer, i still cannot watch the youtube vidoes... the same error appears...
make sure you have your time right on windows it won't work if you have time wrong
for me problem was in adblock plus. I just add exepting rule in adblock (@@**) and all works fine.
It says "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player"
HEY I HAVE GOT THE BEST FIX :D go to this link, now here just reset ur modem to default. and it will work perfect! :D
when the player displays such a message try switching to a lower or higher picture quality setting.
for example when i clicked on a video it showed an error message,my default setting was 360p,i switched it to 240p the video played, after this i switched back to 360p the video still played.........

[sorry for my bad English]
but sometimes there isn't the 240, 360, 720p
T__________T so that's annoying.
try to re-install the OS and select "leave no changes" so that you can still access all your files from the same drive. it works for me...
I have re-install the os, same thing , "an error occurred, please try again later" from youtube video.
I have a dlink wireless adaptor, I think it is the source of problem because with the wired adaptor,
youtube work fine. By the way, it is my desktop I am talking about, my other computer,a laptop, doesnot have that problem.
some songs are not play and write the op an erroe occurred plz try again later
try to click on pop up button and then close the pop up if you want... it works for me
sry!! ..."pop out button"...for videos which work, there aren't this option pop out ...there r a relationship with the 'world cup 'as there are also a 'ball logo' button...may be to watch the world cup in HD