Is my graphic card dead?

mangochot - Mar 12, 2009 at 03:52 AM
 Alexf - Jul 19, 2010 at 01:34 PM

operating system: windows xp

I was playing empire total war and suddenly the game crashed, whereafter my screen froze in desktop. I restarted my pc and at desktop it froze again, and then a blue screen popped up saying something was wrong, but i had gotten that blue screen a lot of times before where i had just restarted the pc holding the power button and it would work. This time however, when i restart it normally, it doesn't enter the desktop. Instead, after the windows splash screen where the screen that says Welcome to windows is suppose to show, the screen is black and sometimes a mouse appears that i can move around. Then the monitor turns on and off for a little while and finally goes to power saving mode. I can start my pc in safe mode, and i went to download new graphic driver by letting nvidia do automatic search for missing drivers. its funny that the search could recognize my graphic driver, which indicates that its not entirely dead or what? When i downloaded the driver and installed it it still didn't work. I went to do the automatic search in nvidia again and it found the same driver telling that it was needed. apparantly the driver i installed didn't really settle or what?

I tried to recreate the system to prior dates and to start it up to the previously working settings but none of it worked. I took out rams, but wouldn't work. My graphic card is still present in device manager.
Another thing, my brother thought he saw a message about infinite loop in the blue screen, but that wouldn't be the problem since it starts up in safe mode or what?

Please help!

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epsiman Posts 306 Registration date Tuesday November 18, 2008 Status Member Last seen February 2, 2010 162
Mar 12, 2009 at 04:21 AM
Did you try a re-formatting??
Re-format what?

specs btw:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.40GHz 4MB S-775

ASUS P5LD2/SE Intel 945P S-775

2 GB DDR2 Ram PC4200 1. Part (2x1GB)

1024MB Inno3D GeF 7950GX2 GDDR3 PCI-E

320GB Maxtor 7200rpm 16MB SATA2

PSU Standard for 520W Atrix

Windows XP Home

18x Samsung DVD/RW DL
I actually have the same problem can load in safe mode but it dosnt get past Windows XP loading screen to desktop but, there are lines on my screen and text is different color on the POST screen ect.. Any ideas is my graphics card dead too?

Card can be detected in safe mode in system informaton also.