Format a cell with a comment based on a comment in another cell

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 stevo -

I need to format a cell with a comment based on a comment in another cell.

So cell A1 might ask a question like is the window clean? B2 will have a drop down box with Yes, No or NA and as the result of the answer cell C1 will bring up a comment like window clean if the answer is yes, windows require cleaning if no and NA if the answer is NA.
Have gone nuts trying to work this one out.

Pls help!!!

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Hello Stevo,

Try the following formula:-

=IF(B2="YES","Windows are clean.","")&IF(B2="NO","Windows require cleaning.","")&IF(B2="NA","NA","")

I assume that your first row will have headers so paste the formula into cell C2.

Click on cell B2 and use Data Validation to create a drop down: go to the Data tab and in the Data Tools group, click on Data Validation and in the drop down that appears, click Data Validation. In the dialogue box that appears, choose "List" in the "Allow" drop down box. In the "Source" box, type in Yes, No, NA and then click OK. A drop down box should then appear in B2.

Type your questions, such as "are the windows clean?", in A2.

The 'reply' text in the formula can be changed to suit your requirements.

You will need to adjust the column widths to suit.

Hopefully, this may help you.


Thanks for this it was what I was looking for but in the wrong place!!


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