Pin comment on Instagram: post, live, story

Pin comment on Instagram: post, live, story

Did you know that you can now pin up to three comments at the top of your posts on Instagram? In this article we will show you how.

How to pin an Instagram comment?  

Pinning comments on Instagram is a quick and easy procedure. To begin, you need to open the comment list on any of your posts, or any Instagram live video, or an Instagram story, and select the comment you wish to pin. Then follow the below procedure for either Android or iPhone to start pinning comments. 

On Android

Once your comment is selected, long press the comment until a blue bar appears at the top of the screen. To pin the comment, just click on the pin/thumbtack icon and the comment will appear 'pinned' at the beginning of your post. 

On iPhone

To pin a comment on an iPhone, choose your desired comment and simply swipe to the left. Three icons will appear including the left arrow to reply to the comment, the delete option and a pin. Select the pin and the comment will then appear at the top of your post.

Although Instagram allows you to set up to three comments, this procedure must be done one at a time, always repeating the process step by step. Any pinned comment will be marked as such and its author will receive a notification from Instagram that his or her message has been pinned.

How to unpin an Instagram comment?

If, on the other hand, you want to unpin a comment, repeat the procedure of either long-pressing the comment or swiping left on the pinned comment and then click on the pin icon that appears. When you do this on already pinned comments, Instagram will show you a window to confirm that you want to unpin the comment in question, which you will have to accept. Note: the author of the comment will not be informed if you unpin their comment.

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