My Computer Stopped Recognizing SD Card

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Hello all,

Your help would be most appreciated. Here's some details first off...

Computer: Dell/Windows 7 OS
Antivirus: Malware/Zone Alarm
SD Card: Sandisk Pixtor 40 MB/S 16 GB card
Inserted into: SD slot on computer

Ever since I bought my Digital Camera/SD Card 3 months ago I have had no problems having my computer read my SD card. Now suddenly it won't. I'll get the green acknowledgement light that the computer can tell it has an SD card in it's slot but as far as Windows is concerned it sees nothing.

I have already tried: rebooting, check disk management (it doesn't recognize the SD card), driver status (nothing). Any other help would be appreciated.

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I found a similar question about the SD card problem with a detailed answer by steps. Try as it list to see if it works.
I appreciate the suggestion however my problem is is that my computer doesn't even acknowledge the card itself. I tried the suggestion and it did not work.
I am having the SAME problem. Did you ever fix it??