Keyboard produces numbers instead of letters [Solved/Closed]

 mick -
I have problem with my hp pavilion laptop . When the num lock is ON I can't write letters L, U and some other letters.
Fn+num lock does not help. I tried fn + F11 and some other solutions from the forum as well, but had no luck. I have that problem only when the num lock I is ON, otherwise I can write those letters.
Could someone PLEASE help me with this.

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;-) :-);-) :-);-) :-);-) :-);-) :-)Thanks dude you are a life saver ;-) :-);-) :-);-) :-);-) :-)
My Acer keyboard is working perfectly after 2 months struggling Thank you so much for your help Hester Vermaakyour help
well I pressed FN+F11 and it worked on my computer......
thank you same shit happend to me!!

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