Keyboard types numbers when i type letters

 nikka -
I just noticed that all of the sudden my keyboard acts up. When I try to type letters, it will automaticly type numbers aswell.
For accemple, when I hit the ''Z'' key it will type Z1. It does this with the Z X C V B N M , . And / keys.

Also, my ''O'' key quit stopped working.

I tried all the regular stuff, like pressing the shift / Numlock / control / F1 (etc) keys, and even deleting and re-installing the keyboard drivers but it's stll the same.

And no, I did not spill any fluid over my laptop :P

I run Windows 7 (legit) on a HP 2160 DV Laptop.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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we have the same problem!
did you ever figure it out?

Hi there,

Press Fn+num lock key found in forst range of keys on keyboard just after F12 key at same tome.

I receive numbers between the keys I type in, p1lease he1lp me
thank u for the help suff954. Your advise helped solve also my problem.

thanks again...