Keyboard typing letters and numbers at the same time [Solved/Closed]

Hello, my keyboard for my desktop0 types numbers and letters at the same time. How can I fix this?
e.g he3llo9, i8 am ho9tti8e3. Pleassseee help me.
System Configuration: Windows XP
Firefox 3.0.10
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approved by Jean-François Pillou on Nov 29, 2018
Thank you
Press the "fn" and "num lock" at the same time. you may have accidentally pressed those two by accident. hope this helps

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I was having the same problem and just did what you suggested and it fixed the problem. Thanks
Thanks so much. Thought I might go mad.....
Love u dude, helps a lot, XD
Thank u pa...
Thank you
Hey for mine also just nw..Fn+F11....corrected the problem.mine is acer...thanku all
H_i guys
_i have the same problem with HP

&a&aézéz"e"e'r'r (duble caractere for one key
thnk you T.T
Thanks very, very much. Fn+F11 solved the problem
That worked, thanks
Thank you
my key board types number and letter
Thank you
Hey, I had a similar problem, in that some letters were typed at the same time. I got it solved at the moment, by following the instructions in this thread: 24692 keyboard mess up after shift key held too lon

i.e. hold both shift keys for a few seconds.

I do not know why it works though, so just a tip.
thanks helped on the ee pc.
fn+f11 helped me as well!!!! I suggest that everyone just tries each suggestion till something works :)
what about on a mac?
Thanks a ton , it worked for my acer laptop.
press ctrl and shift
Thank you
I had had the same problem and tried all the suggested answers here without effect.

The one answer I haven't seen, here or elsewhere, which did work was to update the BIOS.

The keyboard problem appeared after I had cleaned out and reinstalled XP and installed Microsoft Office 2007 on an IBM laptop Z60m.

A superb techie spent three hours trying to find the answer. He found most of the answers suggested here, plus several others, including a Microsoft statement "recognizing the problem." Eventually, he tried updating the BIOS, which worked. But he thought of that himself. Nowhere did he find anything suggesting updating the BIOS.