How can i connect Nokia 3110c to my laptop [Solved/Closed]

 Papu -
How can I connect my Nokia 3110 classic to my laptop using bluetooth or infrared .
Please, give me step by step guide, assuming that I have internet connection on my phone.

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just add ur mobile bluetooth device in ur laptop..then right click the bluetooth option in ur taskbar, then click 'join PAN profile' there u can see ur mobile name, choose it & click connect.. now u can access internet in ur laptop using GPRS...
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i want a network connection on my pc. how can I connect my nokia 3110c to the pc through the bluetooth or usb data cable connection?
i use window 7 in my pc.
Use nokia pc suit or use your dial up connection setting.
Can you listen to mp3s saved on a laptop via Nokia Bluetooth headset BH 103 ???
use nokia pc suite 7.1 it will work.
You are usingNOKIA 3110 classic to connect to Internet. It is very simple to connect. need a data cable and pc suite installed in your pc [ download it from for free]
2. connect the phone and pc via USB data cable. will see a message in your phone "data cable connected". press OK.
4.then select "NOKIA MODE" and open your pc suite software form your pc.
5. in pc suite select option "CONNECT TO INTERNET" and now you can surf Internet on your pc.

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use the data the pc suite from net
* Open Menu? Settings? Configuration? Personal Configuration Settings
* To create a new entry click Add new, or go to Options and select Add new
* From the list, select Access point
* Set Account name as "Tata.Docomo.Internet"
* Then, select Access point settings ? Bearer settings, and set Packet data access point as "tata.docomo.internet"
make on ur bluetooth,,then open ur nokia pc suit,,then clik on the line where written clik here 2 conect phone,then search the phone,clik on it ,and go 2 next there is an option to select via bluetooth ,then u r allow to use it

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