ASUS g53 screen problem... ( black turns into red ) [Closed]

 Sadegh -

My ASUS G53 screen got problem lately... .
Most of the black colors turns into red and some white colors turn into blue... .
I opened the laptop and unplug the screen and then I plug it again... .
so when I turned the laptop on, it was fine until the next reboot.
so it was working fine until it started again and it is really on my nerve .
Please help me.

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It appears that you have a hardware problem with the laptops video cable or the cable socket. Probably the only solution is screen replacement by a qualified PC tech.

Good luck
Is there any way that I can make sure if it is the cable or cable socket?
If I try it on an LCD with an HDMI cable and on that LCD, everything goes right, then it means its due to the screen cable or what?

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