Challenges and Solutions with Modern Storage Devices

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In this computer world digital data is the most important and hard to manage thing for an individual or a company/organization. Every organization has been managing a vast amount of data. This data is very crucial data loss with these technologies can create more complications in data recovery. If data is available in multiple locations and constantly moving into different storage locations so it could be quite risky in terms of security. One the other side, some professional database management vendors try to provide an easy and storage to their users, and have the capability to handle even more complex data loss moments.

Here are the various challenges with data recovery process in different storage systems and also things which should be remembered by customers, data recovery providers, and storage vendors at the time of data loss.

Cloud Computing:

The Cloud becomes one of the most popular data storage system since last few years and many professional users have already switched into it for the important data . The challenge with cloud is that every individual firm data is located in silos and multiple users are accessing the same physical storage space. Therefore if any data loss occurs with a specific user, the cloud vendors will not allow to access the complete environment in order to protect the other users . On the other hand, some cloud host companies use their own storage systems in the virtual machine format or in their own storage format, which may also create recovery challenges. No cloud vendor shares any details about their storage configuration for security.

The best thing about this is that users must set up a Service-Level Agreement (SLA) contract with their cloud vendor. The company must be partnered with a reputed data recovery software company that reduces the chances of data storage failures . This will make the users more aware about their data storage and recovery options if required.

The Virtualization Headache

Virtualization is very old technique and a vast number of companies rely on it in order to support critical elements of their infrastructures, hardware failure, deleted virtual machines or virtual disks, file system corruption, and file level corruption. The actual challenge with the virtual environment is that, multiple virtual machines are connected to a single hardware. When any data failure occurs with one physical machine can lead to failure of many virtual machines, which is more disastrous. To get data from such devices, you must have a very efficient data recovery tool.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

Solid State Drives are flash drives which are equally popular in the storage market and provides huge benefits such as high speed, low power consumption, light weight, noise-free, and high resistance to shock and vibration. The capacity of these storage devices has been increasing continuously. Nowadays, the amount of data storage is increasing from data centers to personal devices and any kind of loss could be a disastrous situation for both businesses and customers. SSDs follow different structure and unique characteristics for storage which make their recovery more complex. At times, data recovery from SSDs become very challenging and time consuming due to multiple time rewriting of data.

Therefore it is important for the customers and manufactures to understand the complexities and challenges with recovering data on SSDs, and always use the standards and data recovery tools and technology for data recovery.

Different Databases

Every organization faces the issues with their storage systems such as physical hardware damage, internal database corruption, or basic data deletion, recover from a database is not as straightforward as some might assume . Every database which is used by companies is different and unique in its own ways so as complex . Every database has its own structure which is different from others. The users must be careful before they choose any data recovery company to recover their important data.


Data recovery manufacturer must keep in mind that every database system gets regular upgrades with their different versions. Therefore they should manufacture the recovery tools to keep these factors in mind. Their recovery software must be capable of resolving all the data loss issues such as corruption, missing, or deleted data Inaccessible storage device, or a corrupt file system structure, and should provide almost 100% accuracy . There could be much more difficult challenges that a recovery tool has to face with both physical data and logical data, some of them are RAID recovery.

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