Laptop screen pink out!!!

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m using toshiba laptop core duo...i dont know why sometime when I turn it on the screen got pink!!!!!!!!!!!! all the graphic are pink out!!! some say its from the video card and or the tube in the laptop and some say its from the lcd...i would like to know what is wrong with my my assumtion if it had been graphic card it wouldn't be possible to pink out off and on, it will be permanently pink out then and should it be lcd....same goes, it will be pink out too...could anybody help me>????

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It's my responsibility to let all know my experience with laptop screen turning pink. I know lots of people have the same problem and may benefit from here.

I've a Compaq Presario V2000 3.5 years old. For last 6 months I was getting an unusual problem. The symptoms were:
  • 1. When I start it, the screen is pink (white turns pink). If I tilt the screen more (about 110 degree), its stays pink. If I reduce the angle, the screen becomes normal.
  • 2. After few hours, if I increase the angle, it again turns pink.
  • 3. In between, if I close the lid, the screen is pink when opened.

The pink screen is very annoying, if you have experienced.

I searched many placed for the solution, but all was indicating a bad CCFL bulb. Know the replacement was very tedious; I was preparing to buy one.

But in one forum, someone mentioned a similar problem and one suggested solution was check video cable. I thought of trying once more before jumping into sweaty work.

I opened the lcd and after pulling the video cable in joints, I was sure the video cable went bad. Probably 1 wire was very loosely linked causing the screen to turn normal when connected. Anyway, in the process, I completely ruined the loose link, and now my laptop was always pink. No tilt position was setting it back to normal.

I ordered the video cable from eBay and after replacing it was back on feet again.

I hope someone may find it helpful.

Thank you, I played with the connection and my screen is not showing white as pink. I was ready to buy another monitor. Thanks again, Lee
this happened to my 4 year old presario v2000. the first time it broke I opened up the cable and soldered the teensie tiny wires back together. this solved the problem for a while. after repairing the wire I tried to open and close my laptop as little as possible. this worked for about 4 months until the wires broke again.

i called HP to see if they would replace the cable as the issue is clearly a design flaw and their fault. they obviously knew about the friction problem because they put an extra course of electrical tape around the video cable where it contacts the plastic hinge framing. can you imagine the HP engineering teem sitting around a table going: "oh shift guys, our video cable is rubbing...what should we do...? I got it! more electrical tape!" what a joke. anyways, long story short, they were very unhelpful and told me that my perfectly functional laptop is 'obsolete' and that they could not sell me a part. there were no suggestions to look for parts online from the technician. I decided to do my own research and found cables for sale on ebay.

the part # is DDCT3BLC101

replacing the cable is fairly easy. you have to remove the lcd. check out:,compaq,step5.shtml for instructions.

also, remove the panel that runs just above the keyboard (the one with the power button in it). to remove it, take out all the screws on the underside of the machine including the ones under the battery. once you have exposed where the cable plugs into the mother board, just pull on the plastic tab to unplug it.

i will never buy another HP computer because of this issue.

Thanks very much, k_ nidu. Before I found your post I saw the ccfl replacement advice on YouTube and did that (hairy !!); when that didn't work I tried replacing the inverter, which also didn't work. At that point I knew that I should avoid messing with the ccfl bulb again. On 1/22/2013 I found your post. I saw a NORMAL screen display upon just a slight opening of the laptop(small acute angle), then the pink screen upon opening wider. Voila! Very sharp diagnosis, k_nidu !!
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Yes I think there's a problem with the ribbon connection your screen to your machine