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does hotmail have a policy to delete old email messages in:

sent messages
named folders

if so, what is the policy? where can one find the same written in any of their conditions?


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Jan 26, 2015 at 05:43 AM

log into

click an email and at the top there will be an option that looks like this "..."

Click that and then click "Create Rule"

Change the option on the left to "Older than"

change the time to suit you.

configure the rest of the rule if you wish and apply.
need to explain my question further.
your answer suggests that a rule should be set for each email.

what i need to kow is whether, there is a rule by hotmail that emails beyond a certain date are automatically deleted from:
sent messages
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Jan 26, 2015 at 07:08 AM
that wasn't for per email.

you could also try this:

-Open a message from the sender or newsletter you'd like cleaned up automatically.

-Click Sweep in the toolbar.

-Select Schedule cleanup from the menu that comes up.

-Now select: Only keep the latest message from this sender to have Windows Live Hotmail automatically delete all old emails when the latest issue arrives.
Delete all messages older than __ days to have all emails from the sender kept for up to 60 days.

-Move all messages older than __ days to <select> and pick a folder for filing under <select> to make Windows Live Hotmail archive old issues automatically.
Optionally, check Do this for everything in the ___ category to apply your rule to all emails classified as Newsletters, for example, by Windows Live Hotmail.

-Click OK.

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