How to turn off Viber location services: on Samsung, Android, iOS

How to turn off Viber location services: on Samsung, Android, iOS

Viber, like many other messaging and social media apps, is able to track your location in order to provide a range of services. They can be useful, but there are good reasons that you might want to turn it off. Here we explain how to deactivate Viber's location-based services.

Why turn off your location-based services?

Location services in messaging apps live Viber can be really useful, letting you share your real-time location with friends, geotagging pictures, and getting important information in the event of an emergency. On the other hand, it can drain your battery, it uses more data, and it allows apps to gather a lot of data about your wherabouts which you might prefer to keep private. 

How to turn off location-based services?

  • Open the Viber app.
  • Click on More at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on Settings > Privacy > Personal Data.
  • Enable or disable Allow accurate location-based services.

Can you set a fake location in Viber?

You might be curious to know if you can dupe your location information, rather than turning it off altogether. The answer is no. Viber uses a combination of Wi-Fi and GPS data to know where you are, so you cannot manually override this. 

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