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I'm trying to to do the following:
Based on a list (on another worksheet) I select an entry for Sheet1, Cell B9 and a separate entry for Sheet 1, Cell C9. Based on those two entries, I'd like to be able to filter a Range on a separate worksheet (this is the 3rd worksheet). The range for the contents of B9 is A1:A290 and the range for C9 is B1:B290. This gives a third range of C1:C290 (on the 3rd worksheet). I then need to display the results for the third range on Sheet 1, starting in cell C14.

Any way to do this?

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You can go to www.namerigo.com/useful and get an answer there. Lots of Excel tips there.
It's actually http://www.namerigo.com/useful
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Mar 20, 2009 at 07:29 AM
you can use java script to do the job.
try this link to learn about it: