Cant access my account [Solved/Closed]

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i tried to logg in my account but it says i have to recover my account because it seemed like somebody else accessed my account. and yes, i did from another computer. but thats not my problem. it says i only got one email as a backup in case my email got lost. but that one is my moms...from 10 years ago. i can do it the other way but i just dont have enought information about by account as its been so long since i last logged on. HELP

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Well, we would like to help, but you have failed to give us important information, like the service your account is under. Check to see if the other computer is logged in still. Please, post back a complete question that we can help you with, as right now we cannot suggest anything.

Contact your service provider directly, we do not have any BACKDOORS to any services.