IPod Nano 8GB... USB problem?

Jess - Mar 25, 2009 at 12:32 AM
 A Dog - Oct 22, 2011 at 12:37 PM
Ok well just yesterday I tried to plug my ipod into the computer because it needs recharging and I wanted to add some songs and a couple of videos. The problem is, I plug the USB into the ipod THEN my computer and it beeps 3 times and doesn't connect my ipod, there are NO pop up messages telling me that there's an error or it wont connect for any reason, it just doesn't connect.
What do the 3 beeps mean and how can I fix this so I can add songs and recharge?

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supervillain39 Posts 7 Registration date Thursday March 19, 2009 Status Member Last seen June 16, 2009 17
Mar 25, 2009 at 06:52 AM
try this:
1) right-click on "my computer"
2) go to Properties
3) Hardware tab
4) click on "device manager"
5) scroll down to "universal serial bus controllers"
6) you should find one with a little red "x" in the icon
7) right-click on it, and chose "enable"
8) That's all...
it should work then.
You are amazing! i'v looked at sooo many help sites and this is the only one that has done anything. Before i'v had to plug my iPod Touch into my sisters computer and then it detects it and recoveres it, but since shes at uni i had a right panic on. Once again, thank you so much :3
Wow, painless and simple! Thank ya kindly!
When you are in the Device Manager menu, If there is no red "x" next to the "universal serial bus controller" try right clicking on your device (in my case, it was a walkman) and go to "Properties". Click "Re-install Drivers" and select your device.
i too am having the same problem; however, i have the ipod touch. I too plugged in my ipod to my computer a few days ago and it wanted me to download some updates. I did not have the time to update anything for i had an engagement that i was already running late for. So, i clicked some button (not sure if it was the cancel button or if it was some button that makes your computer completely ignore your ipod). From that moment on, i have not been able to have my ipod and my computer link up in order for me to add additional songs/videos/pictures as i could do prior to this happening.
Any advice/instructions for what i could do to resolve my problem would be much appreciated.