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Friday March 27, 2009
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 Tam -
Please help, I have a problem on my laptop which cannot surf the net even if im connected to the wireless router. It says connected and but however I cannot use the internet at all. I have made sure that the password is correct and in another discussion(http://ccm.net/forum/affich 10833 modem is connected but not the internet), it said to find the Internet Protocol Properties and change my Ip address, and I really cannot find it. However, if I use aUSB wireless adaptor, the internet works just fine.
Here's the picture of my network connections. Currently, Zyxel is my USB adaptor and Intel Wifi Link AGN... is my laptop's wireless network card or thingy. I really cannot find the Internet Protocol so can you please give me more info?
The picture: https://www.flickr.com/photos/36781386@N05/3391221610/

I really hope this can be answered as quickly as possible as I really don't wish to get the repairman to come.

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When I installed a recent software service update it won't let me surf the internet even though im connected to a wireless network. I've tried almost every possible thing and nothing works. Please Help.

(Using Windows Vista)
Thank you

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Im not an expert about computer, but just to sharing the knowledge... So if there have any conflicts please remind me so that I can learn too....

1st step

a)Go tp Local Area Connection then right click
b)choose "Repair" tab (if still cannot solve the problem,click "Properties")
c)"Local Area Connection Properties" appeared
d)Double Click on Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)
e)Then "Internet Protocol Properties" appeared
f)Choose circle Obtain an Ip address automatically n Obtain DNS server adrress automatically
e)Click OK, look whether successfully or not .

Sorry my english is bad...
Wow.It worked for me tooo.....I appreciate.......your english was ok.Your knowledge is more wide
thanks again
It works....wow....you got to the route of the problem quick
Dude you rule!!!
yes it really helped a lot thanks 10/10 marks
Worked for me too!! thanks!!
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Friday March 27, 2009
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March 27, 2009

OMG thank you! It worked finally!!! thank you thank you thankyou!!!! I am so grateful to you! this problem has been here for a loon gtime and I just didn't know how to do it! Thank you!!!
You're the best!!!