Iexpoler 8 application error [Closed]

 oprlvr -
I am having the same problem but with ie 8, just downloaded and installed, had no problems with ie7, ie8 runs ok but when I shut it down the application error occurs. disabled all tool bars, ran virus and spy ware scan. Any help would be appreated.
Thank you

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I experienced very similar probs when downloading the new IE 8, from IE 7... it totally overruled my old IE 7 toolbar, in fact NOTHING online works as it did before.... also, a window popup "panostandalone" will not go away..... I've had to ctr+alt+del it every time... and now I have to manually open IE several times because my former IE 7 tabbed browsing is gone! Favorites, Add-ons..... all those features....GONE! I had tons of saved websites in the Favorites, and now with msn 8..... NOTHING. Not a happy camper. And the best part???! I can no longer right-click on ANY WEBSITE/PAGE to copy/paste anything. AND.... can no longer access my Netflix free movie downloads either, because the msn 8 download LOCKED something in my laptops hardware.... What a fine mess it has created....!

Any help here?

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