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I need to create a spreadsheet to enter truckload orders of produce. This produce list of items could be 100 items long, these are number down a column (column b,) with one item per row. Currently we just enter the amounts needed by each line for the truckloads, with truckloads going across the top of each column (truckload 1 in c2, truckload 2 in d2, ect) . There are mutiple truckloads each week.

Is there a way to make a macro to have someone key in the truckload they are making, say load 1, then type apples in a cell and enter 20 in the next cell (for quanity in pounds needed on truck one) and have excel find corret column that corresponds to truck "1" and then find the apples in the correct column and row, and add the nuber 20 that was entered? After that is complete, blank out the search item (apples) and the quanity needed, so we can enter the next set of data. Say oranges and 25.



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Aug 18, 2015 at 04:56 PM
Yes, all of that is possible. Please understand we are volunteers that work on our own free time. We generally will help when stuck with codes, and we DO NOT provide a turn key solution.

Once again, if you get stuck with something, let us know and we can work past it. I would suggest that if you do not have any programming experience with excel, you record a macro to do what you want it to do, and reverse engineer it to make changes. Make a Macro and post it, then we can help.

Have FUN!

P.S. You really need a "Truck" Table in a database, to be honest! Build the table to have Truck-Item-Qty. Then you can run a report against all entries of "Truck 1", total each item into a report and get the number of items shipped by each truck. This solution would leverage the already built in functions of the database, and you would have the report writer that will format your reports nicely, quickly! Just a thought!