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My laptop had a power and a 2months old battery. I just used it last night but when I will it in the following morning. It wont open, when i press the power button. The indicator lit and sound of the fan go on for 5 second and then it stop... the screen is blank and no sound on the hard drive.

I've tried the power flusing but no lock, i connected it to external vga monitor but no image come out, tried also the ram swap testing still no good.

Please help... need to open this laptop so that i can transfer my documents..

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Perhaps you can remove the hard drive and use a USB hard drive enclosure to convert it to an external drive.

Good Luck
Thanks xpxman!!! Just did on your sugestion. I'd extrack my files from the hard drive... But, still need to solve the issue on my laptop.. still it won't open...