Dell laptop pages go back to the top by themselves

 Steven -

I don't know exactly how to describe this :
From time to time all the programs in my laptop get the same disturbance : if I want to scroll down, the pages go back to the top by themselves and I have to fight the scroll bar to view the bottom part s. On search bars the flickering thing that tells you where you're typing goes back to the beginning of the phrase, and on the desktop if i want to click an icon only the first icon on the topper right-hand corner gets to be chosed.

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YOu might have a sticky key, or a faulty mousepad. Go into your mousepad settings and make certain that you can configure it, and it doesn't register any input without you doing it!
Thank's mate!!
will try that.. hope it helps..!
Try turning off scroll lock. On my keyboard it is fn F12