Constant Beeping Noise with Orange Light

asiangeek - Apr 6, 2009 at 12:27 PM
 30jspecial - Jul 15, 2009 at 03:30 AM

I own a Dell Dimension Desktop e521 which was originally a decent computer. It was an AMD AthlonTM 64 Dual Core.

1. Had 128MB PCI ExpressTM NVIDIA�® GeForce�®

2. I purchased a new video card, a Galaxy GeForce 9500 Series (512mb 128bit DDR2) two days ago, and after I removed the old card and plugged this new one in, turned it on, my computer made a constant beeping noise (with the orange light under the video card on), the monitor shows the text "Dell" but then the lights fades to orange, instead of the usual green, and I don't see anything on the monitor.

Now, I tried putting my old video card back in and it makes that same noise, with the orange lights, and the monitor not showing anything.

I don't think the monitor is the problem. It actually goes on and the "Dell" logo is displayed but then the monitor's light fades from green to orange. It had to be either, the video cards, the mobo, or the power supply.

I need serious help folks, lol. Until now, I haven't opened up a computer in about 8 years (since high school, when I was actually good with this stuff). My knowledge of this stuff is so outdated now.

Anyway, I was told that the problem can't be from my power supply since the computer turns on (the computer's light is green), but the light (inside the computer, under the video card) is orange, along with the beeping noise.

I will send a $25.00 check to the person that can help me solve this problem?

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Pull out your Video Card and plug it back in, make sure the power supply connection to the video card is solid, and test it. If it still does not work , replace your video card.
please check the capacitors around the cpu and the north and south bridge for bubbling. can u boot up in vga mode and remove the driver for the 9500 and then try the other card.