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I have an easy problem I hope. I am moving to Arizona from Seattle for 6 months. I am taking my computer and want to move all of my favorites/bookmarks to Arizona. I have about 50 favorites. I have Comcast cable in Seattle and Cox in Arizona. The last two times I tried it did not work. Does it have anything to do with the hard drive and the favorites on the cable network?? Please help soon as I leave Wednesday. Please describe step by step as I have a brain disorder and work slow. Thanks in advance


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Look, the favs are stored in your profile. If you are taking the computer, then the favorites are there. Now here is the problem, because your provider is changing, you might not have access to the same portion of your providers network, because the geographical location will change, therefore, your new provider may funnnel to your new local area. Other than that, your favorites, (if placed into your BROWSER) are on your PC!