Google account recovery not working nor 2 step verification [Solved/Closed]

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Hi, my computer was hijacked so I had to clean my computer. In doing this, I cannot access my google email account. As I was hijacked my password has been altered and the answers to the 5 questions under`recovery account` are not being recognised by google. I still have my phone but 2 step verification will not send me a code. I have no way of asking google to help me as there is no contact for them, the phone numbers are all for other issues and they do not have a online chat. So after 15 years with google having all my garantees in my saved emails and other important information in my emails, I think I am going got have to close the account and start again. I`ll never use google again, as they could verify my identity but do not offer or provide the help. DOes anyone know what else I can do or how to speak with google direct (just online advise sites here in uk) before I terminate my account please? thank you. I don't have an app or other google devices. Thank you
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rebeccacharlotte 2 Posts Monday October 19, 2015Registration date October 20, 2015 Last seen - Oct 20, 2015 at 02:46 AM
Thank you
Thanks for offers of help. Frustrating thing is I cant even cancel and shut down my account myself or even contact google to do this for me. They will have to do this themselves when they realise there`s no activity on the account. Maybe I will write to head office in London and complain. As all my emails may have been intercepted (I don't know) and this is a major fraud case, google don't even offer any help and support to customers regarding criminal activity. Have accepted it now and feel its healthy to shut down accounts from time to time, just in case of who knows what some people have done with your personal email information.

Thank you, rebeccacharlotte 17

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