Sims 3 Keeps Crashing [Closed]

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I love Sims 3 more than any other Sims game there is but I can't play it anymore because it crashes and I've given away all the discs. I have a little bit of Custom Content and all of the expansion packs except for the "Stuff" ones. I will run it on my brother's laptop and it will run for about 10 minutes before it slows down and freezes. My mouse cursor will appear with the loading circle and then the pop up will show up saying that Sims 3 isn't responding. There will be a time where it will turn completely black and I have to open Task Manager and close it that way. His laptop is a Toshiba with Windows 7 XP I believe and I'm not sure about the ram and what not but I will be sure to ask if I need to. Thanks!

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OK, ok, it can be saved. When was the last time you defragged your harddrive? When was the last time you empited the recycle bin? When was the last set of updates you downloaded, and when where they applied?
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