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I'm a bit of a formula novice in excel. I have been googling, but not sure if I'm typing in the right questions, or if what I want to do is even possible.

I have been trying to work out how to countdown from one date to show in days when the deadline is.

For example. I receive a letter and have to reply withing a certain time frame (20 days). I want to be able to type in the day I receive the letter and use a formula to work out what the deadline date will be in 20 (working days) and start a count down, for it to show me how many days I have left. I also want to be able to 'stop the clock'. So once I have sent the letter, I type in the date and it will stop counting down.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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Jan 20, 2016 at 06:07 PM
OK, well this is kinda complex so stay with me.....

At the end of the row, make a column and label it sent(for example we will use column J).

In cell K1 put the following (and every K cell): =IF(J1<>"Sent",H1+20,H1)

Where H1 is the date to add 20 days to it. Be certain to change the formatting of the date cell to a date.

When you have SENT the letter, Mark it sent, and the date is not added.

I understand it may not function as you wish, but it is an excellent start at the LOGIC! Have a go, and let us know if you get stuck.

Understand, we cannot post turn key solutions. IF you wish to have one of those, post your code and where you are stuck, and we can help out!

Have FUN!
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