Does my bios have a virus? [Solved/Closed]

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Friday April 17, 2009
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please help me anyone.... hi dj please help me... I have a problem with my computer, sometimes it doesn't detect the cd-rom, and it will not go to windows, then I change the 1st boot to ide, and it would just give me a black screen, but when I pull the plug off, then wait for a couple of minutes then turn it on again, it would reach the windows but it would take so much time,this problem comes back again and again, and now that i've reach the desctop, my computer runs slow, specially when I download using download manager... please help me, is it possible that my bios have virus? or is it possible for the bios to have a virus? please help me....

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Monday September 22, 2008
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May 11, 2009
Bios never get infected by virus. you just have to check your connection IDE cable or sata cable. Just replace by new one..
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Wednesday May 20, 2009
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Don't listen to fretopde. It is POSSIBLE to get a "virus" or malicious code in your BIOS, but you would have had to flash it yourself with an infected or corrupted file. But your problem sounds more like a motherboard issue or simply a corrupted BIOS. Download the BIOS from your computer manufacturer or motherboard manuf. ONLY. Do not download BIOS files from other sites, because simply they cannot be trusted. After you download your correct BIOS, use the included flash utility or one for YOUR BIOS. You did not provide any specifications, so I cannot help you any further. Post your specs and I'll post links to your BIOS.
Post motherboard vendor and model,
* YES! Your Computer can get a Virus in your BIOS!

** Unfortunately the BIOS is reprogrammable and can be infected!

This is very frustrating and really hard to diagnose.

Go to the manufacturer website of your Motherboard and download the most recent update for your BIOS and the flash utility. Make a bootable floppy disk or USB drive and put your files on it. Some motherboards have a BUILT-IN Flash utility that can read off of a drive.

Get ready to lose all information on your hard Disks because the main Virus that infected your BIOS resides there. Backup your treasured Documents and pictures! Find your original OS CD/DVD Disk and keep that handy!

Restart your computer and try to boot from the Floppy Disk or USB Drive. Usually the BIOS has a function of selecting a boot drive while hitting a specific key if it does not already see a bootable drive. Some Motherboards have a built-in Flash utility like Gigabyte using the 'End' key. load up the BIOS Flash Utility and Flash your BIOS... Restart with your OS Install Disk and Wipe all the Partitions off of your computer. Restart and verify that your BIOS is functional.

Continue installing your OS and Drivers and for god sake install a Virus Scanner! Avira, AVG and some others are FREE! Well some are only functional to a point.

Stay off of untrusted sites! It's a Wild Wild World out there! WWW Ha!
(WWW= World Wide Web)

> Enjoy your freshly Installed Computer! It should work much faster now!

*** Unfortunately some computers can suffer from 'Post-Depression'.

Which can mean that either the connectors that are inside your computer are loose or the Power Supply needs to drain before your Computer can boot up properly.

Check the Power, Data and Card connectors inside your computer. Unplug and re-attach connectors and make sure for proper fit.

Draining the power supply procedure... When the Computer is off unplug it and hit the power button and plug it back in and hit the power button.

> This procedure may need to be redone every time that you experience this.