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Need a new game to play


Hi I want to find a really good story game (or at least a game with a good campaign) that I can play on my PC. If not a story game then something chi...

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Nfsmw installation problem


I downloaded nfsmw crack version of RG Catalyst but when I install it after a bit progess it stops and error pops up saying" couldn't find the file si...

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Best settings for me to run gta 4


Hello, I have a question stated as " what should be the best settings for me to run GTA 4 with no lag along with better graphic experience providi...

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"insert the correct cd-rom"


Hello, downloaded the freedom fighters game and the file for installation is at local disk d, after finish installing , when i want open the p...

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Dota 2 on game randomly restarting


Hello, pls help!when im in game of dota 2 my pc ramdomly restarting,but in other games my pc working fine.(not crashing or restarting ) specs of ...

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Metal gear solid1 pc ( help guys )


hi there folks! can anyone help me with my problem regarding metal gear solid 1 for pc. the problem is after I INSTERTED the THIRD pal key, there is a...

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Can't install nfs 2015, net framework 5 is missing. why???


I can't install NFS 2015 in my PC. I use Windows 10 with the latest version of Framework. It say "Microsoft NET.Framework 5 is missing". NET.Fra...

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New gaming pc want some components to run fallout 4


Hello, hi guys need some tips on my new PC want some components to run fallout 4 cannot get over 1 175,23 dollars components only please but i you...

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Pc restart when playing dota


Hello,need help why my pc always restart while I playing DOTA??? in others games or programs the condition is ok(not restarted) but when playing DOTA...

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How to download nba2k14?


How to download nba2k14?

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Pc games download


Hi, I want to download some pc games how can I download ?

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Where to download pc games


any can help me where i can download pc games and how to download thanks

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Metal gear solid pc


Hello, I have metal gear solid 1 for pc but I can't play it. after it installs I run it and a message appears that says that I can't play in hardawe m...

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Metal gear solid pc gamepad problem


Hello, I'm trying to play Metal Gear Solid on Pc with Dualshock 1/2 via Speed Link Connector. Analog sticks won't work and the D-Pad seems to stuc...

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Guitar hero on pc


Hello, I bought Guitar Hero III (PC version) for my daughter. when she tried to upload it on our LT (hp pavilion zv5000), it didnt work b/c, among ot...

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Gh PC guy

Can my pc run nfs hot pursuit 2?


Hello, I am using Acer Aspire 5738 notebook with no mentioned Graphic Card on it. Currently, I am able to play FIFA10 on it. Will I be able to pla...

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Help!unable to play any games on my pc!


Hello Everyone! please help me as I am not able to play any games on my PC. System Config: Processor: C2D 2.93 GHz Ram: ...

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