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1. my dell inspiron core i3 laptop with windows 7 home as OS is lately giving problem of getting slow or almost hung for atleast 20 to 30min before resuming the actual speed.
2. this happens after 5 to 8 min of starting the laptop.
3. after that it just becomes too slow to act on any command.
4. if the internet connection is also plugged ,it probably further slows it down.
5. i had earlier stopped all auto updates of the system and other softwares. yet the problem persisted.
6. now i have downloaded the updates from the net . again thers no improvement in the behaviour of the machine .in fact now it keeps sending the message DO NOT SHUT OFF. WINDOWS IS CONFIGURING THE UPDATES or something of that sort..
7. its pretty annoying to see and wait for messages /action for 10 min or more. and then further wait for the machine to get its speed after 20 min.
8. even when shutting down the computer it send s such kind of messages for 10 mins or so depending upon the number of updates .
9. all this is killing me. do i need to throw this machine n buy a new one.
10. pl help

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Apr 29, 2016 at 05:16 AM
To help you and prescribe the remedy, I must make a diagnostic and to do so, I require a report.

1. Open this link and download ZHPDiag3 :
(Don't be alarmed is the site is in French, it sometimes happens, the tool will take your system language and allow the download if you get a warning message, ignore it.) Click on the download button

2. Save the file on your Desktop.

3. Double click on ZHPDiag.exe and follow the installation instructions.

(For Vista, Win 7 and 8 users, click right to ensure you execute with admin right)

4. Double click on the short cut ZHPDiag on your Destktop.

5 Click on scan
Wait for the tool to finished (maybe a long time)

6. Close ZHPDiag.

7. To transmit the report, click on this link :

8. Search the directory where you installed ZHPDiag (usually C:\desktop\zhpdiag.txt).
9. Copy the url link obtained from Speedyshare and paste it here in your reply.
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