CPU fan spinning slow, no display, no power on mouse and keyboar

Darkilluxion - Updated on Sep 2, 2017 at 05:00 PM
 Darkilluxion - Oct 15, 2017 at 11:22 PM
Hi to all, i am a Filipino so please bare with my English and grammars. my computer already not turning on before so i try to replace my HDD then after that i try to turn it on and it is working fine for a few days, one day while i am playing Minecraft (well i play that game most of the time since my computer is working) the monitor just went black also the mouse and key board just turn of but my tower is still powered on led light for power is on led light for HDD stop blinking but it's on, all fans are still on, so i tried to switch is off using the power button but it is not turning off or shutting down the so i tried to force unplug it, tried to plug it again and turn it on same issue no signal and no power to the mouse and keyboard but the computer is on power led is on HDD led is on but not blinking, same on turning it off, can't shut it down using the power button.

I am a basic hardware tech support for dell computers, (BASIC as in BASIC only) so i tried to unplug all the cables a wires i also know how to drain flee power and remove all the static charge on my hand before touching the computer, I also clean all the dust on the computer but still the same issue noting is working.

Lately i try to check if is turning on after a few days letting the computer rest for a while and i notice that the fan for the processor is spinning slower than the usual spin of the fan so i tried to clean the fan disconnect all the power supply clean it then re-connect it then try to turned it on, the processor fan spin faster then it turned on and the computer work fine for 2-3 hours then suddenly it happened again, tried to trouble shoot again same as the issue before computer is on all fans are working processor fan spin slow. My computer is DOOMED again, PLEASE HELP ME, I MISS MY COMPUTER SO MUCH!..

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Sep 2, 2017 at 11:50 AM
Hi Darkilluxion,

It seems to be a troublesome fan. Rather than keep cleaning it try replacing it with a different working fan.
thank you for the response, actually i've already tried it 2 working fans and 1 brand new fan but it still have the same issue.. only the processor fan have this issue the rest of the fan is working fine like the tower fan the video graphic fan their all working just fine except the processor fan.. it is spinning but it is slow.. when i tried those 3 fans all are spinning but also in slow spin only?.. i think it is nothing to do with the processor fan but i still don't know if it is the power supply or the mother board it self.. i try yesterday to change the power supply and it is still the same issue.. could it be the mother board or there is something more to check??.. thank you..
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Oct 11, 2017 at 02:24 PM
Sorry I havent responded sooner - I have been away for a while. I think this is most likely a motherboard issue, and a replacement will be needed. However, it might be worth clearing the BIOS first (there is usually a clear cmos jumper on desktop motherboards).
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Oct 15, 2017 at 11:22 PM
hi sir thank you for your response again.. can you gave me a picture of a jumper that you are telling on the mother board so that i can try that one and what should i do on that before i try to change my mother board.. and by the way i just want to inform you that i try to turn on again my computer then it open once again the fan is spinning fast like it used to be and it show another error before loading the windows it is something about the CMOS battery, i didn't read it clearly because it goes to the windows then it shut down again, i try to power it on again then same issue happen, fan is spinning slow again.