Window is not working after log in to window

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I was unable to use my laptop any program after log in to window. Therefore I turn on and off my computer 4 times. Whenever I restart window I was asked to select starting mode then I selected normal mode but after getting into window non of functions was working and no response. Therefore I have to press on/off key for a second to switch off my computer. Please help me what should i do. Many thanks. Myo

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OK, start in safe mode. See if that runs. Post back!
It is me again, I run with safe mode then I saw all my doc so I clicked on one word docs but after opening it system alert said that " window could not fine licence in internet therefore system has to be closed ". Then could not shutdown. So I pressed boot for a second to switch off.

Please note that I use window 7 version and it was a licence version, bought in 2011.
Thanks again for your help.

OK, if you can boot into safe mode, do that again, and start uninstalling the last pieces of software that were installed. Not updates, but software installed by you.