Timer on some program on my laptop cuts off allcalls in 6.5 mins [Closed]

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I am hoping someone can have an idea on what's going on. For the last 10 days or so I have an issue. I work over the phone with a Magic Jack Go, have never had this issue till now. Every incoming call cuts off and drops at 6.5 minutes. All internet cables and even modem were swapped out, troubleshooted w internt provider and then days with Magic Jack. Turns out it is some app or program that is doing this, and I have tried to find it to no avail. Have de-activated firewall, antivirus, windows defender, ultrasurf VPN, unistalled driver booster, driver updater from iobit and no change. Urgent as I have been unable to work, cannot have dropped calls as am phone interpreter. I am in deep trouble. Can anyone please help or suggest?

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If every call is dropping at 6.5 minutes, then it sounds like it is working as programmed. Make certain the configuration of such doesn't shut the connection down after a period of time.
Did you recently change a wireless router or gateway?