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oldhippie - Apr 24, 2009 at 06:39 PM
 oldhippie - Apr 24, 2009 at 08:40 PM
I have a router and cable for my two computers ( Windows XP Professional). The first computer works well ( will go to Firefox Google and from there to any website I need...eBay, Yahoo email, anywhere I type in the Google Search or address bar etc.), but today it's much slower and the second computer will go to Firefox Google page but nowhere else. If I try to go to any site by address or Search, it goes to a blank page and keeps trying to load but won't..it still stays blank with the circle turning in the corner, Tried all my cleaners, cookie cleaners etc. and tried on IE. and unplugged both computers from the wall etc. but still the 2nd computer goes to Firefox Google and won't go to any site I type in just the blank page and tries to load.

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it sounds to me that even thoguh you have it connected you either a) dont have a set internet gateway to the second portal allowing it to interact with the net even with the connections... or (this one is more likely...)

the 1st computer is labelled as an admin while the 2nd is not, so even though both computers have internet access working, the 2nd has to go through a sort of protocol with the first and because it's not in the 1sts network, it's not allowing a network for the second and hence no internet connection either. (there are several other things that might be the cause for your double computer issue such as router configurations, but for the most part it's usually one of the above 2 options)

you can fix this by either:

going into the control panel system configurations of the 2nd computer and putting the system itself as an admin turning off both computers while they're both connected to the router, then turning both on again while connected and letting things update on their own...

or if the first doesn't work, by going into the first computer and going to start > control panel > network options and try to find a way to link the 2nd computer to the home network that the first is running off of. you might just have a single computer network meaning that computer and only that computer is allowed on your network, hence the admin idea.

if these dont work, just send me a yahoo email and there are other alternatives you can try, i'm no comp geek but i do know a little bit about computers at least.
Thank you for answering my query. I've read it and it stops at ....try either....and that's it lol....I'm new to the forum and the 2nd computer is used by my art painting, song writing, classical and electric guitar playing husband. Hence the moniker old hippie from me, his wife lol. He's not been well for the last 6 years and the computer means a lot to him. I'd be grateful if you could tell me if there is a way to read the rest of your answer or if you could answer me through my email. Thank you ahead of time....and remember to keep it simple lol...I AM an older, computer user....know a few things but simple is best....hmmm, maybe I should have put VERY simple lol. AH
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Apr 24, 2009 at 08:40 PM
Hi again.....I now see that there's a tiny, tiny arrow at the bottom of part of your reply and click it experimentally...lo and behold...the REST of your answer showed up. I'm off to try what you suggested and will let you know. Thank you...oldhippie