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I have a Dell Inspiron 1720, and I recently moved and did not use it for a while (say 1 and a half months) Now when I first fired it back up, I noticed there was no battery charge light active. I ran the laptop for about 7 hours and when I disconnected the AC power source the laptop shut off. I notice that my Batt meter is still saying 0% even though I have had the laptop plugged in for the last 3 days. Everytime I disconnect AC, it shuts off, and when I re-connect the AC the batt light indicator only lights up for about a second. Is my battery toast, or can this problem be rectified? Do I have to just leave it powered up for a longer period of time?

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Some batteries after sitting for a while will not take a charge. This is a known problem with Inspiron. Check the dell website for info they might even replace it if it is defective model. Is the charge light on the charger coming on? if not it could be the cable itself.

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