How Do i Put Music From Limewire on iTunes

 Brian -
I Need help someone
i downloaded music from limewire but I cant
figure out how to put that music from limewire on to iTunes or My iPod
!!!!!SOMEONE PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Try to follow these instructions

and you should be all set.

Thank you

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1.) go to your limewire file
2.) highlight all the music you want to transfer && copy it
3.) open up itunes
4.) press edit at the top
5.) press paste

- - -
if you hav ur itouch/ipod already plugged in u can paste it directly on there
just go press music under ___'s ipod

- - -

hope this helps (:
what you do is
open up where you have your songs stored
then open up itunes
then once in itunes open up the "Library" or "Music" part
then highlight all the music files you want from where ever you have them stored
and drag them to your "Library" or "Music" area on itunes
and finally plug your ipod into the computer and hit the sync button
ok once you tranfer the songs from limewire to itunes how then do you put it on your ipod????
kayyy idk wtf I did.
i just clicked a whole lotta buttons and whatnot.
try it, it helped :D
me toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
I have found a way go to limewire and make a list. Then you select all your music and drag it to that. Right click export it to your documents. Then after that go to itunes and import your music. Tada!!!!!!

The best one was the locate on disk one! It actually worked! Thanks to whoever put that one on there!
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Hi Thanx so much

Watch out for viruses, Limewire, from my experience is a fertile breeding ground.
same here!!
helppp I still dont get it
thanks so much KietDaViet!!!!!
OMG I think the latest update of itunes doesnt allow u to drag any music u download using limewire :(
therefore dont update ur ipod to the latest version.. it happened to me too!
and then sync

In itunes click file in ur upper left hand corner then click "add file to library" or "add folder to library"
after that you find the folder for limewire and you click it or you find the music/song/program/thing you want and click it... it should download...
if you click add folder then it should download all the songs in that folder into your library. :)
Hope That Helped!!
dude just right click the downloaded music in limewire and click locate on disk, then it should be highlighted so drag and drop it in itunes. hope that helped!!
i jst upgrade to itunes 9 and I have the same problem. when I try to drag music from LW to Itunes it jst have a stop sign n doesnt transfer
Exactlty!! I just downloaded itunes 9 and thats exactly what keeps happening to me! im so pissed!
take your files from your limewire library, drag them into a new folder, then drag from there to itunes!
make sure the music is mp3 format and drag it into itunes.
If you need a YouTube to mp3 downloader, you can try Video Download Stduio. It can convert between any format.
help me I have the same problem and none of these work usally I go to limewire press tools then configure then I go to iyunes and press sync but today itunes won't let me press sync!
Go to tools, then options on Limewire, then go to either main or advanced based on your version of Limewire. Then where it says configurate with the iTunes section, enter your password all of your library will go straight to iTunes
i tried all those and it still doesnt work?
In iTunes, click File (top left) and then: "Add File to Library" or "Add Folder to library".
FINALLY! Something worked. Its about time!
I'm trying to put downloaded songs from Limewire on my iPod nano (yes, a classic one) and iTunes won't let me. Just two days ago, I downloaded songs before a workout no problem. Maybe this new iTunes is not allowing Limewire's so called "pirated" music onto it......but if this is true, go to these websites in order so if one
doesn't work, the other should:

Good luck and if you discover anything, PLEASE let me know
same here thats happening I dont know whats wrong