IPod not Recognized by iTunes on Windows

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I own an Apple 80 GB iPod video and recently got 2 new labtops, so I got rid of my old desktop computer. one of them is a vista, one is an xp. I made sure all of the updates/driver updates were installed then downloaded and installed the latest version of iTunes 8. when I tried to plug my ipod into my computer (i tried on both computers) it will pop up a ballon saying this usb device cannot be reconized and will not show up in windows or itunes and does not charge. in device manager it will come up as usb mass storage device and say that no drivers are installed for this device. this problem is not with my computer or the cord because I have borrowed a friends ipod and used my cord to plug into both computers which worked fine. I have tried forcing my ipod into diskmode but still pops up this usb device is not reconized. many sites ive read about this problem on just tell you to reset the ipod or restart the computer but that has not worked for me either. I have tried to complete the 5 rs from the apple site but I cannot restore my ipod without it being reconized by itunes first. just ask if you need more details about anything.

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Ok, I had the same problem, and fixed it own my own. I'm horrible at computers too, so let's take it easy:

plug in your Ipod and but it in Disk Mode: Reset by holding Menu/Middle buttons, then hold Middle/Play until disk mode appears.
Leave it plugged in.

1- Go to Control Panel
2- Open "System"
3- Click "Hardware" tab and click "Device Manager"
4- Find and maximize "Universal Serial Bus controllers"
5- Right click "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver". Click "Uninstall" (If it's not installed, get it with Itunes.)
6- If it doesn't all work out right there, unplug, replug you Ipod and you should be good. Opening Itunes might help I guess...

Any results?
Thank you

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I just got this ipod
It's da one with a camera. I need my dad to look at it. I'm not good at this kind of stuff
after I did this itunes recognized it but I told me I could not restore it
Any ideas
Thanks, it helped !

Thanks hoss
Open itunes and then on your ipod shut it down but keep it plugged in.
After it shuts download hold the power button until you see the apple logo
without releasing the power button hold down the home button until screen goes black
then without releasing the home button let go of sleep button and wait until you see your ipod in itunes
then you can release home button

now click restore in itunes
will I lose my contnence
my ipod classic won't let me turn it off while its connected to my pc
i don't get it?
Is this supposed to be english?
"After it shuts download hold the power button"
These buttons you are referencing, are they on a nintendo, cuase this certainly does not sound like the buttons I've ever seen on an iPod.
Two years later. Totally worked. Thank you!
I had the same problem, what you need to do is uninstall your ipod from your computer, by going to device manager Control Panel -> Performance and Maintenance -> system, then click the hardware tab, then device manager, scroll down the list untill youu find ipod, right click then uninstall, ok . then youu need to open Control Panel, and then click Printers and Other Hardware. Under See Also, click Add Hardware. click next and it should search for plug and play and your ipod should be recognized .

I was having this problem as well and it was driving me crazy. I reinstalled iTunes completely, but still had the issue. I finally called Apple Support (they didn't even charge me!) and they sent me a link to a support page. It worked!


As soon as I manually restarted Apple Mobile Device Service, iTunes recognized my iPod and the error message went away. Hopefully this can help someone else.
I've been dealing with the same thing for the last 12 hours. I'm trying to fix my friend's 80GB iPod Classic.
The issue is with iTunes 9. You have to delete iTunes and any components off of your computer (you probably want to move your iTunes library to an external drive or some other location so you don't lose any media). Find and install iTunes 8. iTunes 8 won't be able to read your current library because it was created with an earlier version, so delete the old library and let iTunes create a new one. Now plug in your iPod, it should pop up on iTunes now (you may need to restore it if you've been trying other "fixes" like I have). Now, I don't know if the new software version for this iPod has fixed the issue and it'll show up in iTunes 9 now, but I'll check and post an update. For now though, it definitely works with iTunes 8.
Thank you so much this worked for me!!
It worked! thank you amazing!


Pressing the two buttons together for a long time worked. Thanks!

after the apple logo comes on then what????? its not going anywhere........... thanks though
Nice one dude
all apple software must be uninstalled in a certain sequence and additional apple references must be removed as well. I tried several times before I had this info without luck. worked perfectly after.

Further detail is available on the apple itune help page or through tech support.


Learn how to cleanly uninstall iTunes, QuickTime, and other essential software components from your Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC; (for a Windows XP or Windows 2000 PC, refer to Removing and Reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows XP).

In some rare instances, it may be necessary to remove all traces of iTunes, QuickTime, and related software components from your computer before reinstalling iTunes.

Use the Control Panel to uninstall iTunes and related software components in the following order:
Apple Software Update
Apple Mobile Device Support
Apple Application Support (iTunes 9 or later)

I followed the order you mentioned for completly uninstall iTunesm but got stuck on step 3 "Apple software update", it pops up a message "There's a problem with this windows installer package. There's a program needed for this installation to be completed and cannot be executed, get in contact with support personel or technical support from the package provider". So, how do I uninstall it properly? thanks!
y'all better get the itune version 9 in filehippo.com because the itunes file download inthe APPLE website does not work.. terrible , I know,!! I still have probs wth my itunes. It wont recognize my 2nd gen itouch,, but it recognized my sister in law's brand new ipod nano and I was able to transfer songs on her new ipod nano. sheesh,,,
I am having the same issue!! I want to do the "Restore" but ITunes does not recognize my device. It won't show up but shows up on "My Computer". So frustrating!! Have you found a fix for this? If so, please help.
Thank you
i have this problem, is there a fix by any chance? if there is, pleas post it
I have the same problem and no answers. My iPod works fine, my iTines work fine, but when I connect the two in my (new) WIndows 7 laptop iTunes freezes and the IpoD just shows the connected message. Can't update anything , have reinstalled everything. Have tried all kinds of online suggestions and nothing works... Help!!!

worked like a charm. held power, apple logo, helled the home button, drivers installed, let go of home button, reset through itunes. thats for a third gen itouch
i have the same problem. itunes tells me to go into disc management but the ipod is not showing up for me to change drivers etc.
My email address is Email Id removed for security if you have a fix for our issue. Thanks!
i just bought a new 5th generation nano and we all have ipods in the house this was to replace an older one and I pluged it in and I get a message not able to detect the ipod I redid everything several times returned it for a new one same message tried it on my lap top which has windows 7 and and it works fine but my Itunes is not on there and tried home sharing and does not work so well could not download to the new IPOD
it freaks me ou............t thank u josh for sharing us wat to do bout it........tnx guyz......
thank you, this worked wonderfully.
what do we do???? did any1 get a solution?
i have the exact same problem and iv only had mine for a bout a month or two. its frustrating me beyond belief. do I just need to get a replacement or send it for repairs from apple? its still under warranty.. if a solution is found shoot me an email asap! Email Id removed for security
The problem is that you have a Anti-Virus software like "Norton 360" that is blocking the software. Simply deactivate the software and your ipod will show.
I had this exact problem. The iPod was not seen in iTunes or My Computer. The iPod also said it had 0 Gb of free memory. Did as dammad said and connected iPod to a new machine - after several attemtps in disc mode iTuns allowed me to restore and problem solved.