Audio problem, not sure if it's a hardware issue. [Closed]

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Recently restored a desktop and when I hooked up the HMDI to the tv I'm using the video output works fine, but the audio is missing. To get around that I've been using headphones until one time it booted and the audio was absent from the headphone jack as well and has yet to return. I've already checked for driver updates, disabled devices, and whether or not I have the HDMI audio as my default. Whenever I try to configure the audio I get a message saying the device is being used by another application when nothing else is plugged into or using the audio. I really have no idea what is wrong or how to proceed. Any help is appreciated!

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Although HDMI is widely used by every hardware manufacturer, it is not STANDARD! What that means, is not all HDMI devices HAVE to play well with others! Turn off the Laptop, turn on the TV, make the connection. Turn on the laptop. See if that makes a difference!

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