Now pc is not booting

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I have very strange problem in hcl pc,having adm processor.It's fan is spinning but pc is not booting up and also it gets self start even before it switches on.I think it's switch have also hv problem.once the ram also heaten up.then removed it.actually pc had formatted due to missing of Windows files.when I looked for further procedure,mouse lits but not the keyboard.eventually not getting in the good.then I started repairing by changing ram and removing hard pc is not booting and creating ambiguities
Pls help to resolve issues

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Aug 19, 2016 at 08:38 PM
You have described every single problem a PC could have! Which problem do you wish to have us address first?

So you changed the hard disk? What OS did you load on the new hard drive? Did you format and provision the storage correctly? Did you load from a disk, or a network boot? Did you build from an ISO usb disk?
How many PC's have you rebuillt? Where did you get the OS (if you loaded it)? I would take it to the person who told you to change the hard drive.

Do you still have the old hard drive? Put it back in! What OS was that one? Can you boot it into safe mode?

Let us know! This is only the start of pulling up the anchor!