What happened to my gmail account

Pam - Sep 15, 2016 at 06:44 AM
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I have tried repeatedly la
st night for two hours obviously very unsuccessful to get my Gmail account that I've been using for years and never had a problem. The only problem I have is keeping the password and remembering it. I have two Gmail accounts. Hey you need to email accounts so if anything goes wrong you have a backup email so you don't have to use a friend or family members will they get your personal information. And I only found out because I was going to you too but why would a billion dollar company tell anybody that they're buying out YouTube. And that is under my <REMOVED> account so of course I tried over 2 hours to reset my password on successfully could not open it nowhere except in my regular sending an email that was it but took his Google but you to vote and there are not many happy customers at all believe me I saw the comments horrific. And I'll be the next one I have 12 players list and if my playlists are gone I'm going to be another one on top of probably millions of other Google people who have Google and YouTube while not YouTube anymore so I need someone to please call me because I'm only getting my backup Gmail account that's removed by moderator. I'm wrong because I was on there for so many hours I reset my password and when I went in to renew my password it said it was the wrong password and 9 minutes I should I should have took a screenshot of that one said in 9 minutes I forgot my password so I'm sure you're going to be very busy today with a lot of millions of unhappy customers so I need to be reached via cell phone please removed by moderator my name is . I would love to see this one. I'm going to put obviously I can put in my backup Gmail so  I never check it and never give me NOTIFICATIONS. I' just can't wait to see long, if so happens.THAT. a company will call the customer back thank you and have a great day hope to speak to someone within the next week Pamela Ortiz            

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Sep 15, 2016 at 05:30 PM
Hello Pamela,

We are not a company with customers but a high tech help forum managed by volunteers. Sorry to deceive you but we never call anybody.

I tried to read your extremely long sentence and lost by breath and started choking.

I assume that you wish to recover your Gmail account but don't remember the password, is that it?