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So last night i was calmly watching a youtube video on my laptop when all of a sudden the audio cut off.I clicked on the audio icon on the toolbar but it didnt show up the usual percentage of audio.Instead, it automatically went to troubleshooting and came up with nothing.By checking the audio settings i realised that as if my computer had never installed any audio devices.


1.I was using headphones at the time (Razer Kraken 7.1)
2.Not even the default speakers where recognisable
3.I dont have any reboot points so i cant do that
4.I have tried going to my computer and rebooting, seeing if the audio is startup and automatic, tried finding viruses,updating my audio software and rebooting my audio devices.

Please help me.

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What operating system isit?
Thank you

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Windows 7

Is it connected to the internet? Windows 7 is very good at finding and loading drivers if you are connected to the internet.
Yes it is connected to the internet.
BUT when it did try to find drivers, it just spent 1:30 hours just ''searching''.
Something more useful?

What is the motherboard manufacturer, or what sound card do you use?
Sound card:Realtek HD audio

Important note:Since its a laptop and the sound card is emerged with the graphics card,i should have a problem with the Graphics card as well,but i dont.So its software not hardware for sure i think.

"Realtek HD audio"

I had a problem with this, and one day, I did windows update, and viola, it worked. Go and run a windows update, not a hardware update and see if that fixes it!