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jiblition - Dec 24, 2016 at 01:40 AM
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I am hoping someone can offer me some help. I have a custom built PC I assembled about a year and a half ago that has worked fine until this past week. No issues at all. While playing two different games, the monitor randomly froze up on me and just showed gray vertical bars. On both occasions it happened about 5 minutes into gameplay. I rebooted, everything seemed fine... Fast forward a few days then it happened out of game at desktop while I was opening Chrome.

On reboot I tried to get into BIOS and run a hardware scan and couldn't get that far. PC was freezing and then on reboot and since then, the monitor just goes black and I can't get any display. I can't get into safemode or BIOS as it's running windows 10 and I can't f8(or even get a display for that matter). I tried booting with the windows 8.1 disc(had upgraded to 10) which again, offered me nothing new.

Everything as far as hardware seems to be booting, fans, monitor is on, etc. I unplugged everything USB wise and tried boot, I tried resetting the CMOS battery and bought a new one as well for $3 to no avail. Tried different monitor, different hdmi cables, etc. All connections seem to be fine and everything is secured for display.
    • UPDATE: Tried removing Gfx and booting with onboard gfx, still no display and no beep codes/Bios.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Any help is appreciated!

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R2D2_WD Posts 3606 Registration date Monday September 1, 2014 Status Member Last seen February 20, 2017   155
Dec 27, 2016 at 03:13 AM
Hi jiblition,

You have done very good job trying to find the cause of the problem. It really seemed like a graphic card issue, but since you have already checked that, I would say that the problem may be RAM memory related. If you have more than one RAM stick, try booting with only one connected. If the same issue appears and you still cannot hear any beeps on startup, the issue may be motherboard related. In that case, I would recommend you to seek assistance from a technician. He might be able to find the problem and tell you if it is repairable.

Hope this helps