Error with OpenCv to measure Depth.

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Hi everybody !

I'm studying in highschool in France (be indulgent for my english). And I need for a project to measure depth. I can use single or twice webcam. But I need to detect a face and measure the distance between this cam and my object or my face.

I thought to use OpenCv for detect the face and I found on GitHub, a projet who seems to be similar to the mine. So I install OpenCV 2.4.13, with the free licence of Visual Studio 2015. I follow advice that I found on this video :

However, when I want to debug a programm who is using OpenCv Library. I get some error. The debugger can't find some dll or pdb files. In the console, I can read : impossible to load kernel32 and other files ...

I don't know if the problem come from here. After i get another problem when I debug :

Application can't lauch ( 0x000007b). Click on OK to close the application.

(i didn't write all of error message...)

What can I try to resolve my problem ?

Thanks in advance.

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Jan 3, 2017 at 06:05 PM
It may be compatibility problems. Have you attempted to run in capability mode? You will have to contact the authors of the software to troubleshoot their issue!