Explorer.exe file missing completely

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How's it going out there. I have a similar problem to all this, but its a little bit different. My explorer.exe file is missing its not in the system. I had some virus's I ran a couple different virus removal tools, when I tried to reboot the computer it would log in then log right out, well I'm familiar with how to copy the userinit from the xp disc. Now I am having trouble copying the explorer.exe file from the disc to the computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Did you try running explorer.exe on the task manager, file, new task (run) then type : explorer.exe
yeah he is right........
in Task manager go to file select new task n in the box write explorer.exe u will get it.............
if not so just go to start>run>regedit>HKLM>SOFTWARE>Microsoft>WindowsNT>Winlogon
click on it nd check the shell item if it is given the key "explorer.exe " if not modify it to explorer.exe
if you had run an antivirus before this problem started then there is your problem,you go to the task manager and it tells you cannot find explorer.exe,the antivirus you ran probably detected explorer.exe as a virus and it is quarantined that is if you did not remove it thats why windows wont start,antivirus have a way of interfering with registry that has been infected by virus.if your task manager works(ctrl +alt+delete) then go to browse get to your antivirus look for the scanned files and if you see explore.exe then there you go.restore it to system32 found on windows by right cliking on it.
Restart your computer,go to task manager - new task- then type explorer.exe
Hope it helps.by victor orodi