Victim of lsas.blaster keylogger

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My windows is infected by lsas.blaster keylogger . i downloded anti spywares but their setup didn't get started due to its infection what should i do please tell me....

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Have you guys tried running the software in safe mode??
Having a problem with this also. My computer won't start in safe mode. I keep getting a read out that says Windows has been shut down to protect my system. I can't do a system restore or run my security software. I keep getting popups that say
Warning! Application cannot be executed. The file is infected. I also can not run Task Manage from either the task bar or thru Run. It has wiped out my wireless conection also. (I am on a different computer at the moment.) ANY suggestions?
I had a similar problem. A virus was causing popups all over the place and I was unable to open Task Manager, IE, or any other programs. I noticed Task Manager was open for a split second, so I tried hitting ctrl-alt-del quickly 3 times which caused a Task Manager window to stay open. In TM I noticed a weird process named gpuesysguard.exe, which I ended (also look for "sysguard.exe" or any other process that doesn't look legit). This allowed me to open IE and download Malwarebytes Anti-Maleware, which did a great job cleaning out my computer.
did doing that solved your problem ? @ CONSV
Regedit actually opened on the system I was working on and I was able to remove the registry run key entries for the spyware.
Then rebooted as administrator and ran antispyware programs.
Im having the same problems, none of the fixes i have found will work, i cant open task manager, i cant restore, i cant get my computer to boot into safe mode, the removal tool wont run, all of these things being blocked by the stupid keyloger program.

If i could find my windows CD i would reboot the whole damn system AHHhelp
I had the same problem. Like Brian, I just pressed ctrl alt delete over and over. I have a little bit of a tweak though for this. The only program running was "security tool" (our threat). with a quick and timed stroke of the key board, I pressed ctrl+alt+delete, tab, space bar. the tab button takes your cursor from "switch to..." to "end task" space bar executes the "end task" button, ending the "security tool" task. task manager is up and we can now install and run the necessary software
What I did to get ctrl alt delete to work was hit it soon as the computer comes on before the program launches then I stop the file from processing and now I am running pcdoctor. You have to out smart it lol because it knows your every move.
abd what if when u try ctrl-alt-delete it says that the task manager has been dusabled by your administrator?
Google AVG Boot CD. Once you have the program downloaded you will be able to create a boot cd that will run before windows starts. Make sure your pc is plugged in to an ethernet port as the program will allow you to update to the latest AVG virus definitions. Run the scan and see if that helps.
When starting my computer I held down F8 and restarted using the last know configuration that worked. Then I was able to download and run malwarebytes. This worked for me yesterday