Asus X53u cannot boot after bios update

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I am samuel typing from nigeria.i have an asus laptop x53u-sx101v with 4 gb ram,but out of the 4 gb ram only 1.60 is usable and it makes the computer so slow.i searched online for the reason and found out that it is because my bios is out of date.i ran an update for the bios and it updated properly and asked me to restart my machine for the update to take effect and that was the last i saw anything on the screen.i have tried so many solution i will find on the internet but all was in vain.
I have removed the battery and try powering the pc on without the am making this post now the only response i get from the laptop is that the light on the power button is on and thats all.
I have tried all form of key combinations but all in vain.plz i need help.i have also tried pressing scroll/insert button but no show.plz am so much depressed with thos development and what makes my condition miserable is that i dont have money to give any i absolutely depened on the help from u guy.thanks in advance

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Jan 10, 2017 at 05:10 PM
Well, you should be able to flash the BIOS again, just use the file that was in place before you flashed it! Use the same source for the BIOS, and get the version earlier than that one!