PC not booting past BIOS MSI Z97..

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As the title describes my computer won't boot past the BIOS screen. When I don't enter BIOS, the computer will continue to show a black screen with a blinking underscore in the top left corner until the eternity of time.

I can enter BIOS, but I have really limited knowledge of how everything works.
Here are two things that might be a cause:

- I recently installed an oculus rift. To do this I had to change something in the BIOS in order for it to recognize 2 different HDMI's. Really don't remember how or why.
-Sometimes my computer stops to recognise my HDD. At the moment when i go to system status it's also only displaying my crucial SSD 250GB on SATA 5 of 6. Others state not present.

I'm not sure if this matters because im pretty sure I installed windows on the SSD as this is the faster one.

These are my specs:
Intel i74790K 4.00GHz
MSI Z97 Gaming
Geforce GTX 970
windows 10

On the most left of the Boot priority bar is the EUFI Hard Disk and the SSD is somewhere in the middle. That seemed odd to me so I dragged the SSD on the first spot but that didn't seem to work. ( maybe I did it wrong? ) or perhaps that wassent the problem. Again, I have super limited knowledge and I would so so much appreciate help. Thanks so much!!!

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Jan 18, 2017 at 08:34 AM
Hi FlorisTwoPointO,

You were doing the right thing. Since Windows is installed on the SSD, it should be on the first place of the boot order. If you are able to navigate freely in the BIOS menu, but your PC cannot boot to Windows, most probably, there is a hard drive issue or a SATA port problem. I would suggest you to disconnect all connected hard drives except the SSD. Try to boot again. Does the issue persist?
Restore BIOS to its default settings and try again. While in BIOS, please check if you have the hard drive in AHCI mode.

Let me know if there is progress!

Hope this helps