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i have a user form with a date and time picker control on it. user selects a date and an update action updates a worksheet (called table) with the value of the date and time picker control.

in the next operation...with the same user form, i need to call the date from the worksheet back into the date and time picker control and m getting an error "Run-tim error '35788':
DTPicker returned the error: An error occurred in a call to the Windows Date and Time Picker control.

following is the line of code where getcol is a custom function which picks up the date from the field cf_dt_rcvd_frm_field and puts it into the dt_rcvd_frm_serco_DTPicker1

Me.dt_rcvd_frm_serco_DTPicker1 = .Cells(current_row, GetCol(row_title, cf_dt_rcvd_frm_serco_field))

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I had the same problem which resolved a few seconds ago.

My DatePicker is placed in a frame which its Visible property is set to false. When I change the value of this DatePicker before I set the frame's Visible property to True, I receive an error message like yours.

What I did was simply set frame's Visible property to True before changing the value of the DatePicker.

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