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Defender Control gives you professional control over Microsoft Defender. It allows you to activate or deactivate Defender easily, aligns with your security preferences, and ensures there is no automatic reactivation.

What is Defender Control?

Defender Control is a professional-grade tool designed to give users precise control over Microsoft Defender activation and deactivation on their Windows systems. This utility is particularly useful if you prefer using alternative security solutions and wish to keep system resources that Microsoft Defender might otherwise use.

With its user-friendly interface, Defender Control allows for quick and permanent adjustments to Defender's operational status, bypassing the default behavior of Windows that automatically reactivates Defender after it has been temporarily turned off.

What are the key features of Defender Control?

  • User-friendly interface: Ease of use is key here. The interface is straightforward, showing you exactly what you need to manage Defender Control.

  • Enable/disable Windows Defender: It's all about giving you control. With just a click, you can turn Windows Defender off when it's getting in the way of your work, or flip it back on when you need that protection.

  • No installation required: This tool is the definition of plug-and-play. You don't need to install anything. Download and click, and you're ready to manage your antivirus settings.

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  • System restart reminder: After you tweak Windows Defender settings, Defender Control nudges you to restart your computer. This makes sure the changes take effect so you can get back to business as usual.

  • Tamper protection handling: Got Tamper Protection on? No worries. Defender Control navigates around it, ensuring you can still toggle Defender without a hitch.

  • Integration with TrustedInstaller: Sometimes, getting things done means working with Windows' security setup. Defender Control uses the TrustedInstaller service to do just that, enabling or disabling Windows Defender even when Windows puts up barriers.

© Defender Control
  • Exclusion list feature: To keep your security software from mistakenly flagging Defender Control as a problem, there's a handy feature to add it to an exclusion list. This keeps your scans clean and your mind at ease.

  • Compatibility: Whether you're on an older version of Windows or the latest release, Defender Control plays nice. It's built to work across different Windows versions, ensuring you're covered no matter what.

How to use Defender Control?

  1. Download and unzip the provided file (the password is "sordum" ) and, once launched, click on Menu... > Add it to the exclusion list so that you won't be bothered by eventual false alerts. A shortcut will be created on the desktop.
  2. You can turn Windows Defender on or off by clicking on Enable Windows Defender or Disable Windows Defender.
  3. Check your Windows Defender status right from the interface: Green – Microsoft Defender is running, Red – Microsoft Defender is off, Orange – Microsoft Defender can't start, or Real-Time protection is off.

Additional notes

  • If reactivating Windows Defender is not possible after turning it off with Defender Control, click the Enable Windows Defender button, reboot your system, and allow a few minutes for Windows Defender to reactivate automatically once the system restarts.
  • When Microsoft Defender's Tamper Protection is active, Defender Control utilizes the TrustedInstaller service to circumvent protection and disable the Defender. Consequently, if issues arise with the TrustedInstaller service, the program may occasionally need a 3-5-second pause to turn Microsoft Defender on or off.
  • As Defender Control deactivates the Defender, it might trigger false alarms on VirusTotal. If you're frequently using the program, consider whitelisting Defender Control.

Is Defender Control free?

Yes, Defender Control is totally free to use.

Is Defender Control safe?

Defender Control is considered safe to use. Still, ensure you can count on a reliable security solution if you choose to disable your Windows Defender.

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