Windows XP dead as a doornail?

Megan - May 13, 2009 at 06:38 AM
 Megan - May 14, 2009 at 07:06 AM

Maybe you guys can help me on this:

Windows will not boot up- the screen just turns off (light goes amber) after the Windows screen. F8 doesn't seem to work. I can go into the bios, but that's about it.

I tried it with two Linux live CDs I had kicking around, and they both worked, but it will not boot the Windows disc. (If that's even possible, I assumed that it was) I even tried it with somebody else's Windows disc, and that didn't work either.

I can access the Internet when Unbuntu Live is booted up (albeit, rather slowly of course). Ubuntu cannot mount the hard drive, however, and I couldn't figure out how to force it. I'll take a moment here to say that my Linux command line skills are pretty weak, so I couldn't get it to work via the terminal, even though Ubuntu told me what command to use. *embarrassed*

I had my PC hooked up to my tv via my video card when it first stopped working, and in that case, I also got a Windows screen about 'calibrating network connections' or something like that. This screen is not apparent now that it's hooked up to my monitor again.

The day before my PC stopped working, I had been trying to get rid of a virus or trojan (can't remember which) that my anti-virus kept flagging. Though that could just be a coincidence.

So anyway, any advice? I can't even get safe mode to work, so as a slightly geeky computer user, I'm out of ideas.

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May 13, 2009 at 03:40 PM
If you have the Windows CD - you can do a "repair/install" that will reinstall Windows and leave your applications and data intact. The downside is you will need to download and install all the Windows updates and you must have the XP key to re-validate you windows copy.

Change the BIOS to boot from the CD and follow the instructions on this web site:

Good Luck
As I previously stated in my original post, my computer is already set to boot from CD, but the Windows disc doesn't work. Only Linux.

F8 doesn't work either, so no safe mode option here.